Don't worry. It will, and it's fine. The high quality of our coconut oil is the reason it has so many benefits, but it's also the reason it will melt at 76 degrees F. If the additional beneficial ingredients have sunk to the bottom of your jar, making them unreachable without digging, it's pretty easy to make the product homogeneous again. Simply hold your jar (with the lid tightly shut) under hot running water, or leave in a hot water bath until it softens. Try not to completely liquefy the product. Remove from heat, and stir the softened Magic Mouth until the coconut oil has solidified enough to suspend the particles throughout. To avoid additional stratification, store it in the fridge or a cool area below 76 degrees F.  If your product is completely liquid, and you'd like it to be solid again (more common in the summer months), simply shake - place in fridge- and repeat every couple of minutes until completely solid again.


20 minutes?! Are you Crazy?

Oil pulling requires some practice. For some people, the consistency is strange and it takes a bit of getting used to. Your immediate reaction might even be to spit it right out. This is normal. But we suggest giving it the ol' college try a few times before you give up. Experiment with less than a spoonful and build up from there. Half the battle is just making this a routine, so try adding it to a ritual you already practice each morning. Magic Mouth while you stretch, shower, make the coffee, or walk your dog. Or maybe you've been wanted to create a new routine to start your day--a gratitude practice, moment of meditation, or early morning writing? You'll find that 20 minutes passes quickly and effortlessly when you're preoccupied with something else. Give it a whirl!